Wednesday, March 12th,2008

Student Union- Oklahoma Room


12:30-02:00PM    Lunch for industry guest and OSU MSIS faculty and administration 

ConocoPhillips Alumni Center- Click Hall West


02:00-02:30PM    Social networking time for MIS students and industry guests


02:30-03:45PM    Roundtable: Career opportunities in Information Systems
                                Dennis Rygwalski, BoK
                                Mark Snyder, ExxonMobil
                                Tim Selby, Microsoft
                                Stephen Taylor, Chesapeake
                                Jeff Maxwell, Chesapeake


03:45-04:00PM    Break 


04:00-05:15PM    Roundtable: Career Opportunities for Women in Information Technology
                                Amber Merchant, BoK
                                Lisa Fritts, ConocoPhillips
                                Lori Garcia, Chesapeake
                                Katrina McCaslin, Chesapeake
                                Khadija Ejaz, Deloitte
                                Sarah Walker, FW Murphy

ConocoPhillips Alumni Center- Click Hall East


05:15-06:00PM    Reception (Registration needed if you plan to attend reception/dinner)


06:00-08:15PM    Dinner
                                Chris Brown, ConocoPhillips
                                Mita Young, Horizon Wind Energy
                                Behfar Jahanshahi, Interworks


Thursday, March 13th, 2008

ConocoPhillipsWilliam S. Spears School of Business- Room 435


09:15-10:45AM    Research Opportunities in RFID Applications
                                    Dr. Bill Hardgrave, University of Arkansas


11:00-12:30AM    Knowledge Management Research
                                    Dr. Murray Jennex, San Diego State University


12:30-02:00PM    Academic Speakers lunch with doctoral students


02:00-03:00PM    Meetings with faculty